Since "social distancing" and the "stay at home mandate" went into effect on March 16, 2020, Tabernacle Basic Blessing team has made arrangements for safer distributions. Curbside pickup was being used during the worst part of Covid-19.  As of July 2021 clients may shop for themselves adhering to covid safety guidelines set forth by the church.  
     1.  Do NOT come if you are sick! (fever, chills, coughing, sneezing, any signs of Covid-19).
     2.  Proper masks must be worn over nose and mouth by ALL coming for supplies.  
     3.  Clients are now able to enter the Basic Blessings room 3 at a time when called.  Please take a number upon arrival.

- - - 2021 DISTRIBUTION DATES - - -

     January: Sat, Jan. 15 @ 10am           February: Sat, Feb. 19 @ 10am

     March: Sat, Mar. 19 @ 10am        April: Sat, Apr. 16 @ 10am

     May: Sat, May 21 @ 10am             June: Sat, June 18 @ 10am

     July: Sat, July 16 @ 10am               August: Sat, Aug. 20 @ 10am

     September: Sat, Sept. 17 @ 10am    October: Sat, Oct. 15 @ 10am

     November: Sat, Nov. 19 @ 10am        December: Sat, Dec.17@10am 

Here's a video of our May 16, 2020 "covid-safe distribution"

About Basic Blessings
Tabernacle Basic Blessings began in 2017 after one of our adult Sunday School classes finished a study in the book of Acts.  They wanted to apply the compassionate and caring lessons that they learned from the study and put it into action!   As a result, a modern day "Acts Ministry" to the Lower Township community was formed called Tabernacle Basic Blessings.

“TBB” is designed to reach out to those who are struggling to afford basic necessities to their families.  There are plenty of food banks and social programs available to the community in our area, but there are few that give out the basic needs such as toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, laundry detergent, deodorant, etc.  Tabernacle Basic Blessings is providing these basic necessities!  Distributions are held from the Basic Blessings room at Tabernacle UMC on the third Saturday every month from 10-11:00 am for those in the Lower Township area.  New clients are asked to bring proof of residency and birth certificates for each child living in the household.  

We are encouraged to see this ministry growing and meeting the needs of those in our community. A list of items that are needed is posted on the church website and bulletin boards.

There are several ways you can help:          

1. Donate items                                                                

2. Donate funds to purchase items                            

3. Serve at the monthly distribution                                                              

Here are a list of necessities that are needed on a regular basis:  Baby wipes, Baby Rash Ointment, Baby Wash, Bandaids, Body soap, Chapstick, Deodorant, Denture Supplies, Diapers, Dish soap, Feminine Products, First Aid Ointment, Hairbrushes/ Combs, Hand Sanitizer, Incontinence pads, Kid’s Shampoo, Laundry Detergent, Multi-surface Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Lotion, Pull ups, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shavers, Shaving creme, Sunblock, Tissues, Toilet paper, Toothbrush / Floss, Toothpaste, Washcloths.

Please pray about your involvement as we take the next step to change lives, transform the community,  and renew the church.
Please contact Brenda at (609) 827-1593 for more information.  Donations to Basic Blessings May be made on our website Giving Page.