"Rallying Together To Help Our Neighbors in Texas"

Dear Tabernacle Friends,
September 10th is Rally Day at Tabernacle UMC. It is a time when we are returning to our regular Fall schedule. In light of the flooding in Texas we are also "rallying" those in our church and the Lower Township community to gather at Tabernacle on Sept. 10th at noon. We will be meeting to make Hygiene Kits in Michael Hall that will be sent to those in need in Texas.
If you can't physically be here, you can make a donation of some of the items that are needed. Please drop off your supplies at the church by noon on Friday, Sept. 8th. A Hygiene Kit list is included below. All items can be found at local dollar stores!
Hot dogs, chips and drinks will be available for everyone to enjoy as well.

God Bless You,
- Pastor Glenn Scheyhing
- Pastor Jennifer Bolton

When the righteous cry out, the Lord listens; he delivers them from all their troubles. -Psalm 34:17

Hygiene Kit
Value: $12.00 per kit
1 Hand towel: 15 x25 inches to 17 x 27 inches
Kitchen, cleaning, and microfiber towels not acceptable
1 Washcloth
1 Toothbrush: Adult size only / Do not remove from original packaging
6 Adhesive bandages: ¾ inch to 1 inch-size
Common household Band-Aids
1 Bath-size soap: 3 oz. and larger sizes only
No Ivory or Jergens soap due to moisture content, Do not remove from original packaging
1 Comb: needs to be sturdy and longer than 6 inches long, No pocket combs or picks, please
Rattail combs and combs without handle are acceptable with a minimum of 6" of teeth.
1 Metal nail file or nail clippers, No emery boards, please
1 plastic bag: One-gallon size sealable bag only
$1.00 to purchase toothpaste
All items must be new, Do not wash any of the items as they will be considered used.
All emergency kits are carefully planned to make them usable in the greatest number of
situations. Due to the fact that strict rules often govern product entry into international
countries, it is important that kits contain only the request items-NOTHING MORE.
UMCOR is now purchasing toothpaste in bulk to be added to health kits before
shipping to ensure that the product does not expire before they are sent.

Tabernacle Basic Blessings!

A new ministry is being added at Tabernacle to meet the needs of those in our community who just can’t afford the basics...the name of this ministry is Tabernacle Basic Blessings!

This ministry was inspired by a study in the book of ACTS that one of our adult Sunday School classes recently completed. Beginning in May, our church will seek to provide “the basics” by inviting the community to a monthly event in Michael Hall where personal items will be offered with abundant love to those in-need. Below are a list of necessities that are needed:

There are several ways you can help…
1. Donate items
2. Donate funds to purchase items
3. Serve at the monthly event

Please pray about your involvement as we take the next step to change lives, transform the community, and renew the church.

Please contact Jen Bolton at (609) 884-2734 for more information or to make a donation

Baby wipes, Baby Rash Ointment, Baby Wash, Bandaids,
Body soap, Chapstick, Deodorant, Denture Supplies,
Diapers, Dish soap, Feminine Products, Incontinence pads,
First Aid Creme, Hairbrushes/ Combs, Hand Sanitizer, Kid’s Shampoo,
Laundry soap, Lotion, Pull ups, Shampoo,
Conditioner, Shavers, Shaving creme, Sunblock,
Tissues, Toilet paper, Toothbrush, Floss,
Toothpaste, Washcloths,

Electronic Giving: Fast, easy, & secure

Support the work of our church through Electronic Giving. Have your weekly or monthly contribution debited from your checking or savings account and transferred directly into the church account safely and electronically—you’ll never have to remember your checkbook again!